The GRNZ-commissioned review into dog welfare got underway this month with the first meeting of the Independent Panel.

The independent review, being undertaken by accountancy firm WHK, was commissioned to give GRNZ an accurate picture of dog welfare; what the industry does and doesn't do with its dogs. Chaired by Bill Colgan, the Review will make recommendations to GRNZ on how to improve welfare practices.

Jim Leach, CEO of GRNZ, said that the industry was determined to find the facts about dog welfare to ensure the industry is operating responsibly.

"Greyhound racing has been a part of the New Zealand social fabric for more than 100 years. There are aspects to our industry where some improvement is long overdue. We're determined to get to get to the bottom of any problems. We will ensure that the welfare of racing Greyhounds remain the foundation of our sports."

The independent review will look at the whole lifecycle of racing Greyhounds from when they start to finish racing. It will cover breeding, injuries and treatment, life after racing, GRNZ tracking of dogs and the responsibilities of owners, trainers and clubs.

It is anticipated that the review would take approximately six months. After that time, GRNZ expects to announce what actions are needed from the industry.

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Posted on 30/01/2013 1:49:40 p.m.

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