We want to hear from LPs

Stakes review survey

It is critical that the stakes and breeders bonus payments are distributed appropriately to improve the quality of the racing product, increase betting turnover and underpin the sustainability of the sport.  We encourage all LPs to make their views heard by taking part in the Stakes Review Survey.  To get the link for this survey please log into the members area of the website and go to the LP Notice Board.

Rules of Racing Committee

A Rules of Racing (ROR) Committee has been formed for the purpose of reviewing the Rules of Racing and making recommendations to the Board for amendments to the Rules of Racing.  The ROR Committee welcome recommendations or comments about the current rules, suggestions for new rules or feedback on best practices or training.  Those LPs wishing to contact the ROR can do so by emailing  More information and a submission form can be found in the Licensed Persons section of the member website.

Posted on 7/02/2017 3:17:08 PM

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