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Rules and Policies

The GRNZ is governed by the Rules of Racing.  The Rules of Racing are determined by the Rules of Racing committee and approved by JCA, RIU and NZRB in accordance with the GRNZ Constitution and the  2003 Racing Act and then authorised by the GRNZ Board. These Rules are then administered by the Association through its Chief Executive, Racing Department and the RIU (Racing Intergrity Unit).  To complement the Rules, GRNZ also issues and implements a number of regulations and policies.  Click on any of the rules or policies below to view.

Proposed Rules of Racing to be authorised by the GRNZ Board at their 31 March meeting

Simpson Grierson Letter

GRNZ Rules of Racing - effective 1 February 2016
- GRNZ Rules - Fifth Schedule - updated - effective 1 January 2017
- RULE AMENDEMENTS - effective on 12 December 2016. For a full list please click here

Approved Qualifying Times

RIU Official Swabbing Guidlines

Code of Welfare - updated March 2016

Minor Infringement Table - effective 1 February 2016

Full Field Directive - updated July 2016

GRNZ Abandonment Guideline / Procedure

GRNZ Policies
 - (please click on the individual policies below for further information)

Protocol for Alcohol Breath Testing of Handlers and Licenced Persons - new Policy - effective immediately

Barking Muzzles Policy
- effective 1 August 2016

Dress Code Policy
- effective 1 December 2015

Dress Code Policy - Approved Variations - updated 21 April 2016

Abandonment Policy

Certificate of Incapacitation Policy

False Start Policy

Grading of Imports and Overseas Form Policy

Mobile Phone Policy

Nomination Policy

Publication of Deadlines / Field Re-Draws Policy

Qualifying Trials Policy - updated August 2016

Starting Boxes Policy

Catergories of Prohibited Substances

Defaulter List  

Defaulter List 

Health and Safety - (updated March 2016)

Board Responsibilities

Health and Safety Manual - GRNZ v1

Appendix to H&S Manual

Health and Safety Club Checklist

H&S Safety Meeting Form

H&S Club Contractors Agreement

H&S Accident Incident Register Form

H&S Hazardous Substances Register Form

Trainer and Handler Induction Form

Summary of WHS Impact on Clubs