FEES & Forms


(all prices include GST) 

Transfer of Trainer No Fee        Import Form $500.00
Transfer of Ownership ****New Form**** $20.00       Australian State -  Naming Only $90.00 
Authority to Nominate on Behalf   No Fee  
                  Frozen Semen Insemination
Stud Dog Registration (NZGRA)  $1,600.00       Straw Sales various 
Registration of Service (Natural)     $50.00       FS Service Registration   $80.00 
Authority to Sign On Behalf No Fee       FS Approved Person   $275.00
          FS Approved Clinic     $275.00
Lease Agreement $30.00       FS Breeding Unit Registration  $80.00
NZ Naming NZ Registration                     $50.00
DNA Test               $225.00          
Syndicate Registration & Agreement (Per Person) $12.00       On Track (Official Information Bulletin)                     
Authority to Breed                                No Fee       Advertising
No Fee
Replacement Certificates  $28.00       Classifieds  No Fee
Replacement Naming Papers (Per Pup)  $12.00      Flyer Adverts  POA
Rule Book  $25.00    
Official Information Bulletin - On Track Subscription (3 years)     $50.00      
 Replacement Registration Cards         $12.00       


Licenced Persons     1 Year Fee
Ending 31/07/2017     
   On Track Magazine & Directory Subscription 
Public Trainer      $175.00         No Fee
Registration of Public Trainer/ Owner Trainer Partnership (fee $12 per person to register p/ship)      $95.00         No Fee
Owner/Trainer       $95.00         No Fee
Syndicate Member /Owner/Breeder/Litter Master/Stud Master     various        No Fee
Syndicate Member Only       $0.00         No Fee
Syndicate Member Change (per new person)        $12.00   
Handler        $10.00         No Fee