18 April 2013

Greyhound community turns out enmasse to Parliament
Yesterday the Greyhound racing community presented to MPs from the Government and Adminstration Select Committee on the sector Review.

The Committee had invited GRNZ to speak after claims made by Aaron Cross (calling himself the Greyhound Protection League) in support of his single-person petition to Parliament calling for a Government Review of the sector.

We gave a full rebuttal of the inaccurate information Aaron Cross had presented to MPs, and an empassioned account of the way the community cares for its dogs. We detailed why the Review is being held, and restated our commitment to its findings.

You can find a summary of our presentation here - click here to view

We wanted to show MPs that the voice of the Greyhound racing community cannot be ignored just because one person decides he doesn't like the sport.

It was a great turnout. The Select Committee Room was packed with Greyhound supporters. A couple of our four legged friends -[ Binky (unraced) and Emie (Emie Rose) pictured below]- dropped by to show their support as well.

We await the report back from the Select Committee and, as always, we will keep you fully informed of the Review and our activies to promote the sport.



Welfare Update

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GRNZ commissions independent review into the welfare of Racing Greyhounds.


Greyhound racing has been a part of the New Zealand social fabric for more than 100 years. However we don't take our welfare obligations lightly and want to make sure our practices are in step with what all Kiwis would expect from a modern sport. Click here for further information